The Importance Of A Listing Inspection

A new marketing tool for selling a home - a home inspection at the time of the listing - is gaining momentum as the residential real estate market grows less driven by demand, and more driven by the prospect of realistic prices.  While professional home inspections are not a new concept, the idea that sellers can benefit by them is beginning to gain acceptance as the number of homes listed for sale continues to grow, making for a fiercely competitive selling market. 
Watch Out For...
The Most Aggravating Problems in Resale Homes

Nothing irks a home buyer more than moving into their newly purchased home and having to deal with annoying, unexpected problems. Based on experience gained from inspecting over one million homes, the AIS Technical Staff has compiled the following list of top buyer aggravations:
Water in the foundations (i.e., pilings, crawlspaces, etc.)
Low Water Pressure
Kitchen Appliance Problems
Inadequate Electrical Power
Roof Leaks
Thinking of selling your home?  Here's a checklist of items both inside and out that can help improve the curb appeal and overall attractiveness of your home.  
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